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Lindsay shifted her weight on the table, the tissue paper beneath her crackled. The room was especially drafty because of the thin paper smock she wore. Pushing hands between thighs for warmth she sighed at Sirius who smiled warmly back at her and put down the jar of cotton balls he was examining.


Linz shrugged.
Sirius went to her side and jumped up on the table next to her.

“Oh what a view,” he said happily. Linz’s face was chalk white, her fingers twisting into themselves. Sirius wrapped an arm around her to pacify the anxiousness. He was about to say something when the muggle Doctor returned.

“Mrs. Black?”

Linz’s head perked up.

“Good news,” the wife exhaled, but it sounded more like a sob, “You’re progressing just fine, I have the scans here,” he proceeded to remove x-rays and ultrasounds from a manila envelope and stick them to the light board. He explained that the embryo is now 8mm, and the ultrasound picked up the faint beating of a heart. Meaning that the major organs of the baby are developed. Primitively, but developed.

“As for your faster rate of weight gain,” he added, “ It’s hard to tell in such an early stage, you’re on the 8th week, 6 weeks after conception, to tell if there is a chance of two embryos.”

Sirius finally spoke.


Linz squeezed his hand, cracking a few knuckles in the process.

“Faster growth of the abdomen and increased itching on its surface," continued the Doctor, "A feeling of heaviness in the pelvis or vagina, A greater tendency to retain water,” Linz was nodding with each symptom, “…increased fatigue, are all signs of carrying twins.”


“Now Mr. Black,” said the Doctor pushing paper to the gaping mouthed man, “if you could just sign here…”
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Snagged from spankerella who borrowed it from woodisgoodcdl who pilfered it from texasmagic

1. Use fanfiction.net's Search Story By Summary and look up your name in either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.
2. If there are any Mary Sues that share your name, pick the worst-sounding one and post the summary.


If you see any of your stories down here and are mortally offended, tell me and I’ll take it down. only after I laugh and laugh and laugh.

Beware - Rude language below

FF.net and ICollapse )
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When left alone to your own devices is a blessing. Now you indulge in the little things life gives you with out being mocked, or sought out. Sirius took advantage of this break from both Harry and Lindsay to catch up on a little hobby of his – knitting.

As of right now, the dark haired adult traced his finger along a knitting pattern to cross off the row he just completed. Jabbing the pencil in it’s safe spot, behind his ear, Black picked up the steel 9 needles and pearled the next row. He was mid stitch when there was a loud knock on the door, and Albus Dumbledore swept into the loft.

“Terrible news, Black, terrible…seems that the Ministry can’t get through the paper work enough to get dragons across the Romanian border. Something to do about expired vaccine shots. This is highly embarrassing for I remember developing those shots some years ago with my good friend and dragon expert, Cloudagh Dot. But what I’m here to ask of you is…,” Dumbledore blinked at Sirius who froze to his seat during the monologue, “Are you,” began Albus, “Are you knitting?”

Sirius stared.


“Black this is no time for fancy needle work,” Sirius’s mouth dropped to a frown, “I need you to do something for me.”

“About the dragons?”

“Sort of.”

“I’m not stealing them if that’s what you mean – Hagrid would be far better at that I assure you.”

Dumbledore frowned.

“No, it’s nothing about the Dragons. I’ll manage to get them here some how,” the Headmaster withdrew a thick stack of Parchment, “I need you to take a look at a few things…”

Sirius glanced at the contents of the parchment, and promptly dropped his needles.
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In a last minute attempt to keep in the birthday spirit, Sirius Black ate a slice of Harry’s birthday cake from the fridge box. Chocolate mousse with raspberry cream centre. The flat was vacant expect for the birthday boy, who took to his room writing "thank you’s" to those friends who attended; and Sirius, who occupied himself with leftovers and a copy of Esquire propped up on the milk jug.

Turning the page with his fork, he came across an article titled, “10 Best Dressed Men in the World”. He leafed quickly through the article and upon spotting Adrian Brody among the bestowed, tossed the magazine into the rubbish. Sirius picked up his empty dish, and checking to see that Harry’s door was indeed closed, he happily took to licking the plate clean.

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Sirius’s quail feather quill diligently scratched the surface of the invites. There was a growing stack of folded papers beside him now. It was a lazy Tuesday after noon, and Linz took Harry out for the day to buy new clothes and bathroom accessories for fifth year. Meanwhile, Sirius adjusted his Prada reading glasses and read from a referenced list of names.

He prayed he got their names right and didn’t accidentally invite anyone offensive. Sirius knew quite well that there were some students that pissed Harry right off. Hopefully, Sirius’s intuition would result in a wonderful Surprise Party.

Owls to Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Fred and George Weasley, Pavaiti Patil, Dean Thomas, Lavandar Brown, Brady Walker, Remus Lupin, Jen Bridge, and Zena RigbyCollapse )
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It was just after supper and the dishes where clean. Linz was enjoying a magazine entitled Parenting while a mug of hot tea balance on her knee. Only a few lights lit the wide living room space, a glimpse of the London skyline glowed from outside the window. All was quiet, all was peaceful in the house- as usual- until…

The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive…”

Linz looked horrified up from an article debating breast-feeding.

I want to guard your dreams and visions
Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims
and strap your hands across my ENGINESSSSSSS

Slapping the magazine to the glass coffee table, setting the mug to the floor, she bolted down the hallway, and pushed into the master bathroom. A typhoon of steam swarmed around her when the bathroom door swung open.

HooOOooOOO Baby we were born to run.


The sound of soap splooshing to the floor could be heard from behind the steamed up shower case.


“You’re doing it again.”

In the glass Sirius rubbed a porthole out of the steam.

“What,” he chuckled with an impish grin, “can’t I sing in the bath?”

Linz’s facial expression read other wise. It made Sirius laugh loudly, the sound echoed off the tile obnoxiously.

“Says the girl who watches Sixteen Candles every week.”

Lindsay slapped the shower stall glass.


More laughing bounced off the tile. Lindsay, who was embarrassed that Sirius was mocking her favorite movie, scowled. But her anger didn’t last long, for she quickly yanked the loo’s flushing chain.
The toilet flushed.

“AHH HOT! HOT!!!! HOT!!!!!,” roared Sirius.

“I’m sorry,” said Lindsay innocently, “ where you saying something Mr. Springsteen?”
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Sirius Black threw the empty pack of Dunhills into the rubbish and moodily trekked back to the bedroom. The past week had been uneasy. Harry seemed to be walking on eggshells avoiding Linz’s gaze at best during dinner. The tension was driving Sirius mad, and with her discovering his secret stash of “security smokes” was enough to even put him into loathing Mrs. Black.

“You said you quit,” she said testily when he entered the room.

Sirius sighed into shaking his head. For a second, he felt like leaving the room instead of joining her in bed. Lindsay tilted her eyes upward in a scoff.

Why are you being like this!, screamed Sirius’s conscious.

“Why are you being like this!”

Linz’s finger whipped to her pursed lips.

“Shhhhh, you want Harry to hear you snapping about like-“
“Let’em hear!”
“Sirius, please, come to bed you’re being very unreasonable,”
“I said you’re being very unreasonable,” she turned down the comforter on his side, “it’s just a pack of cigarettes. Demonstrate some self control.”

Sadly, Sirius had never developed self-control in Hogwarts. He was thwarted, instead, with mere stubbornness. Although dressed in loose sleeping trousers and an old white Ralph Lauren T-shirt, he left the bedroom, then the flat. He was halfway down the hallway when he remembered that Harry was asleep in there, and leaving him to the menstrual woman beast was cruel.

So, for the sake of both their sanity, Sirius turned around to return.
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Well this seems to be quite the calling card around here, eh?

Yes, terribly sorry but I’m off on holiday tomorrow for 10 days. I’ll be somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean when HBP is released (FUCK), miles away from “ordinary” as they say. There is and internet café on the ship, but I’m only going to check up on everything sometime Wednesday evening to make sure, um, that –“Rome is still standing”

Haha haha…

For characters, *backing away from Gloria* I know I just started a new one, but you’re going to have to hold of his activity till when I return. *cowers* Till then, er, build up suspense and bring more meaning to why you’re going to be needing him, Gee. *crosseyed*

The stamped names controls (and when I say "controls" I mean powerplays) the character.

, , , .

See you all July 20th!


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Sirius woke up alone. He searched for any sign of Lindsay around the room and when noticing her coat and purse still missing settled for the idea that she spent the night at a friends house and would probably return later that day. Wrapping an old dress robe around him as a makeshift bathrobe, Sirius went about his daily morning routine.

Harry was still sleep.

He drearily stuffed the coffee filter into place. Spooned two scoops of grounded “Madagascar Mild” brew in, and snapped the lid closed. Wiping the stubborn sleep crust from one eye he opened the front door while kicking a statue of a bulldog into the doorframe with his free foot. The statue kept the door propped open has the half-dressed man dragged himself down the hall to the communal postbox. Sirius casually shoved his wand into the slit of box #29.


The box agreeably popped open. His hand was half way to fetching the morning paper when a blinding flash and ‘pop’ went off closely to Sirius’s face. Still in a daze of the sudden brilliance of light, he sent a hand over his eyes and peered in the direction of the noise.

A small man wearing a yellow calico sports jacket stood a few feet from him. He was completely bald, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that because a fedora made of exotic leather capped his head. In his hands was an Wizard-Optic-Meter 5000 camera.
Very expensive.

He took another picture of Sirius in a befuddled state.

“Harry Potter?”


Another picture.

Sirius rapidly blinked and began backing away from his post box.

“Harry Potter,” repeated the cameraman snapping another picture of Sirius. The man’s eyes darted to the propped door down the hall with the number #29 painted on it. Sirius noticed this and for a brief moment they exchanged vacant, vapid stares. Suddenly, the man in the yellow calico jacket darted down the hall towards #29. Sirius withdrew his wand instantly and aimed at the man.

RELASHIO!,” a jet of fire erupted from the end of Sirius’s wand, attaching to the tail coats of the man who abruptly stopped running. He yelped and slammed his body against the wall. A small bonfire was making itself comfortable on the mans trousers now. Sirius took a step towards #29, but stopped, turned, and quickly snatched the evening’s post from the slot. Now running down the hallway, Sirius threw his arm over his shoulder and without looking back yelled, “Finite.

The fire disappeared from the man’s backside and the door to number #29 slammed shut.
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Sirius was perched atop the cabinets in the loo, leaning halfway out the tiny bay window that looked into a very dismal view of London rooftops and a seemingly dank alleyway. The fag between his lips was nearing the useless filter and Sirius began wondering where the perfume spray was to conceal his nicotine and tar essence. That always, always clung to his hair no matter how far of a window he leaned out of, or how high a breeze there was – the smell always stuck.

As usual, his mind wandered to Harry.

More particularly, what he was up to…he certainly acquired Jame’s knack for sneaking about.

As a matter of fact, he was a regular sneaking virtuoso.

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Despite the terrible news delivered the day before by a cursed strip of paper, Sirius and Linz grew more outgoing in their public displays of affection, much to the annoyance of Harry, who blushed profusely whenever the tall man pinched his wife sensually. Later that evening, the two fitted out in expensive cocktail wear and linked arms around each other. The woman gathered their coats and returned to his arm that happily rested around her neck like a feather boa.

“We’re going out!” cried Black, even though Harry sat only a few yards away, “BIG PARTY. LOADS OF SPIRITS.”

“Yes, ALL NIGHT HARRY,” she exclaimed, “WON’T BE HOME FOR HOURS…”


Linz snorted into her hand and pushed into the hallway. Black craned his head in quickly for one last bark.

“GOOD THING WE DON’T ALLOW THAT IN THIS HOUSE,” he finished with a titanic grin then slammed the door in a faultless comedic timing.

So, so sorry Kelly for the minor powerplay for Harry. I could just visual you writing that for him and it was appropriate for the time. Spare me a smite?
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They didn't talk as they sat next to one another on the bed, hands clasped in their own laps. Sirius wore his silver reading glasses and didn’t bother to remove the fluffy slippers as he waited for her to speak. There was tension in the air. Worry, guilt, fear, longing, grief…too much was riding on a simple muggle device.

Linz looked at her dainty wristwatch. Silently she rose, crossed the room and entered the lit bathroom. The reflection off the tile floor was as blinding as heaven. Sirius couldn’t look at her as she emerged, holding what looked to be an over sized thermometer in one hand.

“Ready,” said the silhouette.

He managed a curt nod.

Linz remained in the doorway, the light that shown behind her cast a shadow over her whole face. Making it impossible to read. So Sirius simply waited…


Black collapsed over his knees, immediatly jamming both hands deep into the crown of his dirty hair. The women just stood quietly in the doorframe. After enough silence for the bad news to sink in, the man rose and went to comfort his wife.

“We’ll keep trying,” he said as she slide into his arms, “We’ll keep trying…”
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Sirius moodily stabbed his potatoes.

“I don’t see what your fuss is about him sneaking off to see his girlfriend.”

Sirius cringed.

“It’s the idea that he didn’t even ask me.”

Lindsay struck her hands on hips and graced the conversation with a great deal of “stink eye”.

“And did that ever stop you when you were his age?”
“Oh please let’s not talk about what I did at his age.”
“Sirius, he’s growing up and I’m quite sure after his last home he can managed himself.”
“Under our noses,” he butted in,” in the middle of the night! Using the Floo Network!”

“I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” said Linz turning back to the stove.

“Just because You-know-who is dead and dormant doesn’t mean evil is gone from the world.”

“Yes, Sirius,” she snapped round, her voice was no longer its usual cheery air, “There’s evil in the world but for the first time it’s not coming after him!”

Sirius stopped stabbing his food.

“I understand your concern for him but what would you do if for the first time in your life you were able to freely move about – with out the fear of being killed, or worse, cursed. Harry has seen more than an any experienced wizard dreams of, and all before the age of 16. Do not deny him his freedom because of fear. He deserves to have a life too, Sirius.”

“He didn’t even tell me.”

Linz threw the ladle into the pot and stormed out of the kitchen.


“I don’t want to talk to you,” came her voice down the hall.

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Oh Journal, the things you have seen!

I have just completed reading over this volume and discovered that it is possible to mature even when your body isn’t. To think that barely a year ago I was unmarried, living with Remus, not fathered to Harry, bullet free, and mildly successful in my business…

Looking at this now, I realize how lucky I really am.

Still not going to tell Linz I was in a war though.

And I’m certainly not mentioning to Dumbledore that I broke his ominprehiscope a few weeks ago.
…and of course there was that whole noodle incident….

Okay- so aside from those things, I am blessed, happy, clean shaven and late to picking up Harry from Kings Cross.

Great. Some father I’ve turned out to be.


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I wrote this and just couldn't stop.

Under the cut:
-History of the Black Manor
-Ugly Paintings
-Sirius's old room
- Memories/ Explainations
-Photographs from better times

Don't freak out over the length. It's a good read....if you like back story of course. ;D

12 Grimmauld PlaceCollapse )
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Thank you so much for your accommodations this past week,” said Sirius to Ms. Merrimier, “You have been too kind.”

The old lady’s cheeks flushed as he took her hand and kissed it.

“Oh piss off, Black,” she spat once regaining composure, “For all the trouble you caused me those years I have the right mind to throw you right out,” she took back her hand and looked quickly at Linz, “how ever did you get stuck with a man like him?” she thumbed at Black.

Linz shrugged her small shoulders helplessly, knowing quite well how and why they met.

“I like to think fortune favors the unprepared.”

Ms. Merrimier snorted and clasped the girl into a big hug.

“Take care,” the old woman wheezed into her ear.

“You too,” replied the wife.

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Sirius slid into bed and immediately reached to extinguish the light. Linz opened her eyes, half expecting an arm to wrap around her, but when none approached she voiced concern.

“Sirius, something wrong?”


The woman lit her side of the bed.

“Did something happen between you and Harry?”

Sirius rolled over to face her. A smile perked up in the folds of his cheeks.

“Stop worrying over it, Linz just go to bed.”

“Oh I see how it is,” she jested, “man-to-man talk.”

Black shoved a fist under his pillow, tossed over and groaned a second goodnight. The wife, thinking she hit the problem, smile in spite of herself.

“He wrote about women trouble a few weeks ago, you know,” she said matter-of-factly, “but I didn’t have the heart to tell you, Sirius, because frankly – you’re not an expertise in that area. Oh don’t give me that look; you’re not.”

“You read a letter addressed to ME from Harry,” Sirius cried.

“I did,” she replied, “I gave him right good advice about the situation too.”

“He told you?”

Linz wrinkled her brow at her husband.

“In the letter, that is…” finished Sirius, “he wrote it out?”

“Of course he told me,” snapped Linz, a bit irritated by Sirius’s accusations, “I knew he would have many admirers. I wonder if my advise helped him.”

Sirius laughed.

“Apparently not, because when I spoke to him he stated that him and Brady broke it off.”

“Oh the poor girl…”

Sirius was about to open his mouth to finish, but froze half way when it hit him that Lindsay was completely reading the conversation wrong. That Harry never wrote in the letter about his sexuality – merely his problem. Linz took him the wrong way – she didn’t know that he was gay.

Closing his mouth and suppressing a grin, Sirius Black rolled on his side, facing away from the baffled wife.

“Goodnight, Linz.”

“Oh you are horrible, you know that?”

He had to bite the covers to keep from laughing.
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“I like it here,” said Linz , examining herself in front of a mirror.

Earlier that day, Sirius took her to a small robe shop off Corderason Rd. for authentic wizarding robes. Among the pellets of crushed velvet, tawny tweeds, and expensive Egyptian cotton, she picked a very modest color of red that accented the flush in her when Sirius paid handsomely for the fabric.

“You’d think I only have currency in one world,” he said.

The flamboyant wizard trimmed the fabric to her small frame, and by 2 o’clock Mrs. Sirius Black could of easily been mistaken for as a real witch. Just don’t ask her to spell anything.

Sirius wore his favorite black robe with the knitted collar and cuffs. It was well fitted at the waist and flared to the floor like a riding jacket. The collar reached up half way at his cheeks, giving him a Tale of Two Cities Jacque, charm. They were perfect for a Quidditch Match.

“I want to get good seats,” said Black pulling a blanket under his arm. The stand seats were still murder on the back, “Lord knows how many students are already packing in.”

Lindsay giggled.

“You said ‘packing’.”
* * *
* * *

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